Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sole proprietors.

Sole proprietors have additional unique tax planning considerations. For a complete discussion on tax planning for the self-employed, see, Planning 2010: Tax Consequences for Self-Employed Individuals.

Health Insurance Deduction for purposes of self-employment tax. The 2010 Jobs Act amends Code Sec. 162(l)(4) to allow a deduction for self-employed health insurance costs in computing "net earnings from self-employment" for the 2010 tax year. Generally, the health insurance deduction does not reduce the income base for purposes of the Social Security Act. However, for purposes of calculating self-employment tax and the self-employment tax deduction, self-employed individuals may deduct health insurance costs incurred in 2010 for themselves, their spouses, their dependents, and (effective March 30, 2010) any of their children who as of the end of the tax year have not attained age 27.

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